At our location on Pine Street in Newton, we provide free-of-charge counseling to children and adults. We also have a 24-hour help line, advocacy services, as well as therapeutic services.

Experiencing trauma, such as a mass violence event, can leave lasting effects. Counseling services can help an individual cope and heal from trauma. Our clinicians use evidence-based Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in working with victims of trauma. This type of therapy has evidence to support its effectiveness.

Through this treatment, individuals develop coping skills and help make sense of the trauma they have experienced. For children, play therapy and sand tray therapy may also be used. Other evidence-based interactive modalities used by our therapists include EMDR and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Clients determine their own strengths and are supported as they navigate through healing.

The Resiliency Center also provides support groups for those impacted by trauma. Personal growth can be strengthened by the opportunity to share with others. For more information about any of these services, please call 316-217-1880 today to schedule an appointment.

Why Seek Help?

After a traumatic event, adults and children alike can experience a change in how they view the world and others. Counseling services provide a safe place to develop knowledge and skills for healing and change. Children sometimes manage trauma by acting as if everything is all right, even if it is not. Counseling can improve the emotional well-being of children and may prevent future difficulties.

Who Qualifies for Services

  • Excel Industries employees & families
  • First responders
  • Students
  • School staff & faculty
  • Businesses
  • Houses of worship
  • Emergency management
  • Volunteer organizations
  • Any affected individual